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>>> the person who killed milton hill could be watching this newscast right now. who killed the 70-year-old and why is it so tough to find a suspect? >>> a man who abused a dog was court-ordered to work at the maryland spca. but nobody asked the spca. >>> pick a road, any road. they are not paved with gold. any pothole is costing you dearly. i'm jamie costello. >>> and i'm megan pringle. >>> hot hot hot. meteorologist justin burke with our forecast for today. >> reporter: on the last day of summer, temperatures reached 90 degrees. tying the all time top count. happy fall to all. it is a morning that features a little bit of fog. it took down trees in baltimore county, and a nasty storm came right along route 50 all the way near croftton. temperatures in arnold 67, 63 toward westminister. not much of a spread this morning, but we have areas of fog. what appears to be a developing thunderstorm just west of hagerstown. otherwise we expect a dry morning. isolated thunderstorms, with a guaranteed high of '88. could reach 90 in backyards. here's kim brown. good morning. >>> hey justin, g
the murder of milton hill is still an investigation, beyond that they're not saying much. but this week his east baltimore xunt is. while police continuing -- community is. while police is looking for leads, the church is taking the lead in the community. >> for yesterday, it was battle zone. but today it's a playground. >> reporter: pastor carter led a group of nearly 50 volunteers yesterday to clean up this playground. the weeds are gone, the cement got a fresh coat of paint. it invites kids' play. no longer the criminal element that may have so unceremoniously taken hill's life. >> passing of milton hill really stimulated us to understand that in front of our church is good and then we have to go to the corners, we have to go to the side streets, and just continue to create an attitude of safety. >> reporter: work that goes beyond a day's work. because just one day later, eastern district major melvin russell had to take down a pair of shoes hanging from a tree. a common signature by the criminal element that means trouble will be back again. police warn there will always be push back wh
have none other than at the senator milton mark library staff. we will kick it off with their entertainment. give me a round of applause. they have worked very hard. [applause] >> is this thing on? [laughter] ♪ >> thank you. >> ♪ >> fabulous job. ladies and gentlemen, i would like to take a moment to acknowledge the elected officials here, the commissioners, department heads, and the wife of the late senator milton marks. we are very excited about this reopening. but i want to take a moment to talk about this project, representing the 10th project in the branch library improvement program. and this is the flagship, because it is the largest. it is ahead of schedule in terms of construction. it is finished, and the entire team will work on this. this is an amazing building. it opened in 1914. carnegie-area building, beautiful, but it needed work. it was paid for 1914 for $40,000. it has come a long way. it is accessible, with designated spaces for children, teenagers, wireless, computer technology, and an amazing collection of books, media, russian-language mater
is not. also look for downy and bounce free. >>> na scooter, i'm never be able to ride t milton hill is 70 years old. he is the church guy who is known as murdered over his scatter. >>> jamie, it's been almost two months since hill was shot to death behind his home next to the church. the fact there hasn't been an arrest is frustrating. an army of volunteers took to the streets, cleaning up the neighborhood playground, pulling out weeds and painting. they want to get rid of the criminal element that has taken over parts of that area. the 70-year-old was a blessed member of the ark church, known as a dedicated caretaker going out of his way to help others. >> the passing of milton hill really stimulated us to understand that the church is good and then we have to go to the corners and the side streets and just continue to create an attitude of safety. >>> now the ark church is also looking for donations to replace the playground equipment. meanwhile, everyone in that community is waiting on word of an arrest. >>> americans don't have to look abroad for participants in terror plots. mo
almost two months since their good neighbor was killed. >>> milton hill was killed over a scooter. and how his murder is spurring neighbors into action. >>> a man is accused of killing his dog, and is assigned to work with dogs. >>> plus a woman is evict from her home with six truckloads. why her apartment was filled from floor to ceiling. >>> six months after the healthcare reform became law, we are going to see effects that will happen today. >>> i'm megan pringle. >>> and i'm jamie costello. >>> every lane i get in, it is ending if 200 feet. >> your mind is already on your morning compute. >> absolutely. construction on northern parkway, pratt street and the beltway is always slowing you down. it is actually costing you a lot of money. how much? first meteorologist, justin burke. >> reporter: feels like summer. hanging on to 67 degrees after reaching 91 yesterday. in between we had thunderstorms, lots of trees down. and a -- little bit of fog to deal with this morning. we have a cluster of storms firing up near hagerstown this morning. a band of clouds this morning. trying to t
maryland state trooper outside a prince georges county restaurant. another man anthony milton the third also faces murder charges. a detective testified today at a preliminary hearing that milton told authorities that he and williams went to appleby's and williams wait id near a tree and shot williams as he left. >>> a columbia man accused of stabbing his ex-wife to death and setting her apartment on fire is in police custody. police say they arrested 35-year-old vernon white yesterday after he was released from the hospital. wlite is charged with first degree murder and arson in the death of 34-year-old thelma wynn. police say white had been staying with wynn, stabbed her to death, barricaded the front door and set fire to the apartment. white was hurt during the incident and was hospitalized and under police guard. he was denied bail. >>> should a man who beat a dog so severely that the dog died be allowed to work with other animals? the maryland spca says no. and they can't understand why a judge sentenced the man to perform community service at the spca shelter. roosevelt leftwich j
with an acquaintance with a pistol and gun downed the moonlighting trooper outside. anthony milton is charged as an accomplice in the case. the gun was found at his house and he's the only witness who identified williams as the gunman. his defense lawyer seized on those facts suggesting that milton might be lying to protect himself. but with dna in the mix, the judge ruled there is probable cause to take this case to trial. scott broom, 9 news now. >> both williams and milton are being held without bond. >>> sky 9 was over beltsville today where police believe the street race was the cause of a serious accident. two teenage boys suffered injuried in the 3100 block of powder mill road. they are students at northwestern high. firefighters had to cut the teen out of the car and the other teen was ejected. but the teen's injuries are not life-threatening. >>> and a rocker trailer -- a tractor trailer accident near woodbine in howard county. the crash closed two westbound lanes of 70 for an extended period of time. they are investigating the cause. >>> and if you take i-270 you want to listen to t
admitted they do not have video of anthony milton, the man what allegedly supplied the gun. prosecutors also admitted milton has lied to the police at least once. >> i think with cases like this, i'll speak generally, because i can't go to the evidence on this in particular, you always have to look at all the evidence together and make a determination about the strength of the case and whether or not you have enough to go forward but i think we're going to be okay. >> glen ivy also said he hasn't ruled outgoing to the death penalty but there's a burden to meet. >> obviously there's a new statute in the state that sort of elevates like the evidence that needs to be presented in order to seek the death penalty, and that's the dna, the videotape confession or videotape of the act. >> reporter: williams is accused of ambushing the officer. he was hit by two rounds, one entering his. williams' father briefly spoke outside. >> reporter: what was it like to sea your son like that this? you've heard the evidence. do you think he could have done anything like that? >> i don't know, i can't say d
george's county. williams faces murder charges. anthony milton also faces charges in the case. today, a prince george's county detective said milton told police williams waited near a tree and shot brown as he exited the restaurant. according two witnesses, milton was ordered out of the restaurant that night over an unpaid bill. >>> hate crime attack of a black fisherman. wjz is live. mike schuh has more on this case. mike? >> reporter: kai. calvin lockner, the 29-year-old with a hitler tattoo was facing four charges. but tonight, he'll plead guilty to two of them and will spend 31 years in jail. >> reporter: a year ago, james privet and his wife went fishing. this man and two others approached. >> asked them if they had any cigarettes or water, to which the prevats said no. >> the men didn't leave. but ms. privet did. and her husband was right behind. >> at the time, as the truck was being packed up, these individuals attacked him. they punched him, they kicked him. and they beat him with a stick. and eventually took his car and left. >> reporter: the prosecutor says that calvin loc
. >> atop the milton phillips built in 1913 at the bay area of quality air. it is a state/local agency that is for the dates for the entire san francisco bay. is seems the upside-down. feminist leader is something going on? it-maybe there's something wrong? >> maybe it is about a beck smalad smog day >> :no! that american flag is upside down. apparently nobody noticed that it was upside down on the bay area. and until kron 4 pointed it out. >> we will talk about having that change it out, right away, and in san francisco, stanley roberts. if you have a story? e- mail us at: former president jimmy carter left in ohio hospital this morning. today's recovering from my of viral infection that gave him-82 the recovery, and the 85 year-old became ill on a debit s a two-ye the recovery. the medical team advised him to stay for two extra days. >> tony curtis died. the defiant ones, was an oscar nominee it roll. from 1958, and spared it is, and some like it hot. six different reamarriages, and he d in must taklos vegas of cardiac >> and continued cooler weather. t
been successful to the university of chicago economics department and notable fraud such as milton freed man. the idea of neoliberalism is there should be massive, selective tax cuts. margaret thatcher it is there is no alternative. of course that's absurd. there was an alternative. we have to connect the dots to understand what is going on today. i read the chronicle. so what i've done is put together a montage of the murder of public sector, which is going on everyday. in fact all of the public sector is in body shape. public libraries, parks from the municipal to the national level. our character is among the worst in the world. the new deal deals with things in a different way. when i was going to school, california school's were the best. now they are among the worst with the new budget cuts. of course, my university is being privatized. all of the higher education is being privatized. all through the uc system. how do you run a modern state with tax cuts? we resort to desperate, back last november, we were asked to vote to make four indian casinos in san diego county pony up
to milton bradley. that was my favorite name. >> i think he ran out of teams he could be angry with. young minor leaguers that are angry. a fight broke out, greenville, south carolina, two minor league teams. lake would catches valley. nobody passes away. that looks like a real fight. minor leaguers, i would fight too, $1,500 a mung and in a bad mood. 2005 heisman trophy will remain vacant. lebron james decision to cleave cleveland hurt him, 6th disliked figure in american sports. somebody hates him. >> good night. at's a 1-2-0? for two bags. [ imitating siren ] pull over! looks like we got a runner. pull over! we know you've been charging for bags! we can't stop every plane. we're gonna stop this one. you can fly, but you can't hide. ♪ [ ding ] >> we'll be back after the break.
favorite deal, a's lose 6-3. 10 back. >> what happened to milton bradley. that was my favorite name. >> i think he ran out of teams he could be angry with. young minor leaguers that are angry. a fight broke out, greenville, south carolina, two minor league teams. lake would catches valley. nobody passes away. that looks like a real fight. minor leaguers, i would fight too, $1,500 a mung and in a bad mood. 2005 heisman trophy will remain vacant. lebron james decision to cleave cleveland hurt him, 6th lebron james decision to cleave cleveland hurt him, 6th disliked figure our real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. with my citi thankyou points
. >> another man, anthony milton, also faces murder charges in the case. he's an accomplice. a detective testified that milton confessed telling police he and williams went to the applebees and that williams waited near a tree and shot at brown as he left the restaurant. both men are being held without bond. >>> and we just checked back with the cops and so far no arrests in the murder of a woman who used to live in greenbelt. somebody shot and killed 49-year-old jacqueline bass when she came back to her old apartment to move more of her things. neighbors say bass was very excited to be moving out of that apartment and into her first home. >>> and on the far less serious side of crime tonight, howard county police are on the hunt for a man they're calling the preppy burglar. they show the suspect standing outside the door. he has on a white shirt and tie. peaks inside the home. police say after that, he snuck around the back, broke in and left with some small electronics and other prompt. howard county police are now offering a $500 reward to find the preppy burglar. 500 bucks, like i sa
victim 70-year-old milton hill. hill lived not far from the park. someone shot and killed him. out of his home in july. gunned down police say, over a scooter, he used to get around town. >> milton hill was a wonderful mmmber of the church. we certainly appreciated the contributions, he made both in the communiiy and in the church. >> now the church, fightingg3 back. once again put their mark back3 on the park. >> well, we are back here live. this is councilman karl stokes they arr bringing in police surveillance cameeas to watch ú%e playground. after dark..3 right now, there is a big huge slight that the city has moved in. tonight. to keep theedealees away. >> live in east baltimore. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and thank you, keith. >> two-alarm fire rips through a home in north baltimore forcing ssme of the people trapped inside to jump to safety. the fire broke out at 2:300this morning, along west norttern parkway and falls road. six people were inside wwen the fire started. everyone escaped. but one woman was hurt when she had to jump out of the second-story window. >> so
, anthony milton the second also faces murder charges in the case. police have said the trooper was working as an a-security officer. >>> a columbia man accused of stabbing and killing his ex-wife and setting her apartment on fire is now in police custody. howard county police say 35-year-old damon white was arrested and is in jail being held without bond. white is charged with first degree murder, arson an other offenses in the death of 34-year-old thelma wynn. >>> police are asking shoppers an business owners to be extra vigilant after a rash of daytime robbers. robbers held up merchants in three separatein dents. the gun man in the latest attack escaped with more than $100,000 in jewelry. they are talking with mall security and patrons to get a better description of the suspect. >> we've been partnering very closely with the mall security and the merchants. most important part of investigating the robbery is the video surveillance, so we're educating merchants on what types of surveillance equipment to use and things they can do to help police. >> police say sunday's robbery of the elite
over his scooter. his murder struck a nerve in a baltimore neighborhood. 03!!!!!!!!!! >>> milton hill was the one who solved snow off the steps of his church. he is the one who made sure the church ladies made it home safely, no way he should have died like this. linda. >> reporter: jamie, police believe someone shot hill for his green scooter. it has been almost two months since he was murdered behind his home next to the church. an army of volunteers took to the streets, cleaning up the neighborhood playground, pulling out weeds and painting. they want to make sure the criminal element is gotten rid of, that has taken over that area. the 70-year-old is a beloved member of the ark church, going out of his way to help others. >> we are going to prevail. in spite of the criminal element, i still believe people want to do what's right. i still believe ta. and i think we are going to see that with this park, and all. >> now the ark church is also looking for donations to replace the aging playground equipment. meanwhile, everyone if that community is anxiously waiting word of an arrest.
church3 will maintain the park in memory ú% milton hill, someone shot ann killed the 70-year-old man out of his ome near he park in july. >> baltimore city police search the house of the man that shot a hopkinssdoctor. his mother, then himself. police wwnt tt search the arlington virginna home, where prior to the deadly shooting. looking for clues about his mental state leading up to the shooting at hopkins. >> baltimore police meet with ú%curity chiefs from rea universities and hospitals following lasttweek's hopkins emergency plans for institutions like hopkins, loyola, and morgan state. bealefield is trying to improve communications between school security, and baltimore city police. >> surveillance viddo was the focus today in he trial of three men accused in the murder of former councilman ken harris it came from ssveral cammras, including one insideeof the haven lounge where harris was the night the bar was robbed. a security guard that saw part of the video testified today that he could easily identify two of the suspects.ú because he recognized one's profile. and because th
since the killing of milton hill that we move to actton. that monday after his killing we gathering, north avenue was blocked and we believe that talk is good, but we got to move to >> reporter: that action is every church geeting a around and really taking contro3 of hose blocks. >> yeah. that is the plan. it's called good faith operatton. and each church is being asked to take control of the four blocks at its location and along witwith one another blook. it's called 4 plus 1. -> reporter: are you going to %-before it happens. prevent it >> we're not policemen carrying fireerms. we do believe in the power f faith and we do believe in the power of numbers. what we plan to do ii walk the perimeter and provide a inistrú of presence if you will. right now we have the presence but it's the negative resence. we are talking about providing a positive presence.3 that is an effort that is along with ciit council persons call stokes, mary clark all the rest. >> reporrer: they do have people showing up and throughout the rest of the morning we will be talking specifically about these
anthony milton segun tambi enfrenta autoridades que williams, tras tener un altercado con l oficial quien trabajaba o guardia de seguridad applebees, espero a que la victima saliera del restaurante para dispararle, para lo que se escondio detras de un arbol... centenares de personas protestan en las inmediaciones del capitolio..detalles al volver.. nueve anos de los ataques terroristas del 9/11 la pizarro nos trae mas detalles ... a 9 anos de los ataques del 9/11 celedonio villatoro no se siente mas seguro. "en los aeropuertos. siempre se esta pasando temor a veces cuando uno tiene que viajar. no se siente bien la seguridad en los aeropuertos. " el gobierno federal cree que las nuevas amenazas terroristas las representan ciudadanos y residentes de estados unidos radicalizadas. lo eso la secretaria de seguridad nacional janet napolitano, el director del fbi y el del centro nacional contra- terrorista. "una nueva y cambiante faceta de la amenaza terrorista viene de terroristas nacionales, y con eso me refiero a ciudadanos estadounidenses que se radica
milton has worked all 14 years on the most popular tv show on pbs. it is a big fund-raising program, too. he seemed delighted and devastated. >> some people are disappointed but overall the whole road show experience is a fun one. thinking you have something that is real when, in fact, it is a fake, there is an educational aspect as well. >> reporter: only big pieces of furniture are prescreened, even else carries their own stuff. >> hawaiian bowl or something from india. regional things come out. >> reporter: this is the feedback booth. when does the d.c. show air? that won't be decided until later this year but it will be sometime in 2011. >>> coming up on "news 4 this week" college is expensive. how to curb the high cost of being a senior. >>> wh is getter, ice cream or look inside a more than? 17 billion dollar investment, and what do you see? at at&t, we see the dreams and ambitions of everyday americans coming true. we see an economic recovery taking root as businesses grow and prosper and add jobs, thanks to the amazing power of an open internet that works. america needs an intern
issues with staffing. the deactivated the truck company along the line. that said, the late credit milton and the late dennis o'neil contacted the san francisco park department to address how we could help them. over the last 18 months, we have gone from providing an ambulance to all the services of the department. this contract is an all risk service. we provide all-gold rescue, all ambulance service, and all fire service. the initial term of the contract is from october 1, 2010 through september 30, 2020. with that contract -- that is a 10 year contract with 35-year extensions. they want to proceed. -- with three five-year extensions. they want to proceed. this runs through december 30, 2011. that is for 4.3 to $5 million. -- $2.32$4.325 million. that schedule will be adjusted each year which allows you to recoup any costs to the fire department. if we notice that there is an overage for one year, there is a maximum amount of payment from the national park service as well as presidio trust. that money is not lost. that is carried to the four years and can be picked up as review the cont
about the government managing the man? guest: ok, let me put it away milton friedman would. or milton friedman here and alive today, he was said that in situations like right now, -- would say that in situations like i now, what unemployment is near 10%, rather than the normal level of 5%, there is too little money, too little cash in the economy. as citizens desperately tried to scramble to increase how much cash, to get the cash they want to all, they cut back on spending on goods and services, and that cut back puts a lot of downward pressure on production , employment, and then on income, which puts further downward pressure. the right thing to do, milton friedman would say, is you have to make sure that the government makes sure that the economy has enough liquid cash and eight, you print more money to get it into the system, and that is the proper way to stabilize the economy. the government has to manage the money supply so that there is either too little money in the economy, which produces depression, or too much, which produces inflation. uncle milton might say that things w
's in milton keynes and elsewhere remain unregistered. what more can the government do to end this plight and hopefully prevent another tragedy? >> my honorable friend makes an important point about an absolutely tragic case. as he knows, local authorities are responsible for licensing houses in multiple occupation, and they have the power to prosecute landlords who fail to apply for a license, and they should do so. there have been too many cases like this. the law is there; it should be used. our whole approach is to give local authorities the power they need, and the discretion they need, to take action for the good of their communities; that is the change we want to bring. >> building work is already under way on a new campus for skelmersdale and ormskirk college in my constituency, so it was a real shock to find that £4 million committed to the project will now not be available because of the government's decision to stop the budgets of the regional development agency with immediate effect. could the prime minister please meet me and those at the college to try to find a way through
that product very near the university of ryland. craig milton is out now with more on this. craig? >> reporter: synthetic marijuana is becoming increasingly popular. it's easy to get but tey aren't talking openly about using t. tonight a woman didn't want to talk about selling t either. >> it's just a few feet from the main gates of university of maryland. when we arrived, a flyer advertising a new product called k-2, a synthetic marijuana that sells for somewhere from 30 to $45 a gram. we went inside to talk about its popularity. this is what happened next? >> i will destroy you. i told you to get out. >> reporter: and we are out. ma'am, i wouldn't do that. ma'am. the cera was fine and so were we. no student would speak specifically on camera about using -2. some didn't see a problem with it being sold so close to campus. >> if it's legal, then i don't see a problem with it. it should be like smoking cigarettes. >> it's probably as bad as smoking cigarettes, to be honest. >> not so, says the national capitol poison control center. >> we educate teens about liquor, at least. when you put a sto
the restaurant. both williams and milton are being held without bond. >>> we also have an update on a murder investigation in greenbelt. today police released the identity of the woman killed outside of her apartment. police still do not know who shot 49-year-old jacqueline bass to death. it happened just as she was about to start a if you life. she was going to be moving into a new home. police have not made any arrests in this case. >>> now to the tragedy in lorton, virginia. a mother and two of her children killed in a fire, but her quick thinking saved the lives of her three other children. with flames all around her, she and her two -- or she told her two older children to jump out of a second story window and dropped her 2-month-old baby to safety. but there wasn't enough time to save everyone. the fire broke out inside a home on richmond, highway. peggy fox is live near the scene and, peggy, this is a real heartbreaker. >> it certainly is. >> reporter: as parents we know, we save our children first. save yourself later. well that's exactly what happened here this morning when this you
growing up with my dad and george burns and milton burl, and all those wonderful comedians, that was really my opening into comedy. i thought as i was writing this book, why did jerry seinfeld become funny, it turns out he had a very funny father who had a joke file. and it turned out that kathy griffin's father was funny. there's two common threads, one was they all had a funny person in their family and none of them were the class clown. the class clown didn't end up well, he usually ended up in a motel shooting, which i thought was hilarious. but most of them were kind of observing everything and muttering under their breath as tina fey says. >> tell me about growing up in that household in beverly hills, you had people like bob hope, milton burl, george burns. >> they were wonderfulfully funny, terrifically generous to each other. i used to go out on blind dates, at around 11:30, i wanted to be home because i knew the guys would be in the living room, smoking cigars and telling jokes and it was completely irresistible to be with them and hang out with them. >> george bu
or whatever. going into the bathrooms you could feel the tension. >> reporter: milton thomas worked here for 20 years and said nothing like this has ever happened before. >> you don't know the emotions of people when they have sick and traumatic experiences. >> reporter: by 2:00, officials say most of the hospital was back to normal. that doesn't comfort some patients. >> it happens every day in baltimore city, two, three types a day somebody gets shot but this is a little too close to home. >> reporter: back here live now, the mood here is fairly calm. people are going about their business. nearly all of the roads around johns hopkins are open. police tell everyone the area is secure and looks like workers are believing them. back to you. >> andrea fujii reporting live. mike schuh has more on the impact of the shooting on the johns hopkins campus. mike? >> kyle, when you run an operation this big, you'd better have a plan for when something goes wrong because in an instant you will ask thousands of people to move just like that. >> reporter: the center of hopkins at a stunnedstill. ever
and shot at brown as he left the appleby's restaurant. a second man, anthony milton, also faces charges in the case. police say the gun used in the murder was united states found in -- was found in his backyard. >> and trooper brown who you just saw a moment ago, was just 24 years old. >>> hundreds of family and friends turn out for the family of a funeral of a popular harford county high student killed in a tragic accident. joey dentriment. and weijia jiang has more on the service. >> during the service which lasted about an hour, nearly 2,000 friends and family members came together not only to remember joey dentriment but to celebrate his life. >> reporter: at the mountain christian church in joppa, tears spilled, hearts ached, friends comforted each other. on wednesday morning, some 1500 people poured into the funeral service for 14-year-old joey dentriment, who was trying to cross the street at bynam and red pump road. >> number 1 thing i always remember about joey is his smile. no matter what. and his hugs. and he was always there for everyone. no matter what. >> members of the fo
in their own undergrundmi purgatory, milton avalos meets the day sitting in the chaire slept in. a fire barely wards off the frigid desert night. a miner himself, he keeps vigil. that's all he can do. there's nothing you can do, so many times we've offered to help with the rese, but they won't let us. morning, miguel val alenzuela, lights candles to help the rescue. he says it keeps him sane. i walk around, i go to the meetings, i cook for families. you have to keep yourself entertained. the barren desert is not an easy place to live. everything has tbe trucked in. including the food in this woman's kitchen. >> translator: we've received a lot of donations, both pantries are full. >> which is a good thing, since she cooks lunch for 250 people. the camp started because family members wanted to wait on the same earth holding its miners, but it has become its own kind of communities. >> life here has its own rhythms, families while away the hours, workers clock in for their shifts and hope hangs in the air that word will come from the trapped miners, all in the backdrop of constant drilling. mari
and stabbed. milton hill, an elderly church caretaker is shot to death. now police promise more foot patrols. and church members will walk with them more. >> we will stop and pray at every corner. it may not be believable to come. but folks move away when that happens. >> reporter: church members plan to take responsibility for the area four to five blocks from their church. >> we're not going out in enforcement mode. but just to engage our community, let them know, hello, we're here. we're here to help you. we have resources. whatever you need, we're here for you. >> reporter: the churches address many illnesses that link to social ills. they hope to link the people up to that when they get to know them. >> when you try to preach them or tell them what to do, they normally reject you. >> reporter: this is just a block away from where the church was murdered. they say drug dealers kept wires in the lamp post. but that's about to change. the park will be cleaned. money is lined up to put in new playground equipment. and the light will be fixed. >> we intend to do, working with city police, is
't caused by the oil or dispersant. while today's sealing of the well is a miltone here it's but one step. >> what i hope for now is that bp dsn't take off and split. that they stick around long enough for this to be cleaned up. >> reporter: in a region still facing a long road ahead. bp could face billions of dollars in fines now and possibility of criminal prosecution. the company has said it will stay here through the cleanup but what it has not said is rule out tapping into that reservoir through another well. in venice, louisiana, kristen dahlgren, "news4 today." >>> it's 9:38. you've seen her dine out with some of the area's top hletes and coaches. now lindsay czarniak has lunch with a basketball star some place a bit more familiar to her, hermom's kitchen. >> some call it washington's best deli. now historic lo >>> you got pretty fxible plans this evening? check out some performs that will make your ham strings hurt. >> get it. >> the golden dragon acrobats will be performing at wolf trap this evening. the popular troupe of traditional chinese acrobats will be performing an array o
anything at all. i told them i would not. >> the moliday inn? >> the milton. >> people get cancer and heart disease and they are predisposed genetically. this is a little off color. if you drink, with the birthrate you will probably have sex. and then after having sex if you smoke you will smoke cigarettes. did that help the birthrate? >> do you want a drink later? >> no, but thank you. >> the birthrate is way down this. is a great opportunity. instead of cigarettes and liquor, let's go right to heroin and cocaine. afghanistan can sell all of that to them. think how high the taxes would be. this is an awesome opportunity. then with all of this monkey on dhair backs,-- on their backs, they will save their country. >> i like the fact he didn't say it in an obvious manner. he said, if you drink more, you will screw more and our country needs to have sex. that's basically what you can say about every modern country these days, right, bill? >> that's right. you are drinking more and forgetting to use a condom more. >> my take away from all this is smokes in russia cost $1.30. so even if they dou
is in distress. >> these people are looking on top of the milton building located at 939 ellis street in san francisco. this is the home of the bay area air quality management district or the bay area a.q.m.d. it is the state and local agency that issues spare the air days for the entire san francisco bay. it seems the bay area a.q.m.d, has a slight problem. someone hung the u.s. flag upside down. >> maybe there's something going on there you should check into. >> when the u.s. flag is displayed upside down, it is the distress. >> maybe it's a bad smog day but it looks nice to me. >> this man works for a.m.q.d, >> oh, no. it's upside-down. >> yes, what does that mean. >> it's not good. >> apparently no one noticed the u.s. flag flying upside down on the bay area a.q.m.d, building until kron 4 pointed that out. >> we will talk about having them change it right away. >> moments later true to his word the upside-down flag was up righted, and flown properly. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. 658 right now we will be back more in just a couple minutes. the file on david harmer isn't
milton, massachusetts... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--
it keeps reappearing from milton bonilla. >> what are you looking at me for? sort of the plastic surgeon, i also do some of the skin problems. dandruff can be tough. we need to know if the person has seen a dermatologist and tried the prescription-strength because it is almost like a dermatitis kind of thing. they need to try much stronger shampoos, actually with tars and anti -- >> what kind of doctor, if it persisted -- >> a dermatologist takes care of. >> you might have the wrong diagnosis, it might be exma of the scalp. >> soo, not so simple, is it? >> that's why we need all four. >> by the way all of the answers to all of your questions -- on everything -- [ laughter ] >> are in the book. doctors, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. >> erica? >>> harry, thanks. just ahead a dream wedding ruined because the wedding planner allegedly ran off with the cash. how does this happen? we'll sxe exclusively with the understandably not-so-happy couple for their full story and also susan cope pen is here,,,,, >>> kristy breslin continues to cover your commute. marty has your first wa
young and old led by bill buckley, thinkers like a hijack, russell curt, richard weaver, milton friedman, all in their intellectual prime and two influential journals of opinion, fashion revi in human events. movement leaders decided that next on the agenda was an organization of energetic young activists who would serve as the ground troops of conservatives. d so, in the fall of 1960, some 90 young conservatives founded young americans for freedom with a little help from older americans for freedom like l. buckley and that perilous, fearless conservative and presario, marvin lehman. beginning in fact playing the student committee created by david frank e. and f. kennedy in 1958, when both were college students in washington d.c., doug at georgetown, david george washington. nothe national defense education act contained a provision that a student had to sign an affidavit saying he was not a member of any subversive organization and was loyal to the u.s. government from him she was seeking a grant for his higher education. this reasonable stipulations did not fit very well with the ameri
mind. milton berle. >> completely on all the time. he entertained at our birthday parties. he did card tricks very badly. >> sid caesar. >> very quiet. most comfortable when he was talking in an accent. a darling man. >> george burns. >> i just worshipped him. he was the one that stood up for me when my dad would say he didn't want me to be an actress. george would what do you want her to be a milliner? of course she's going to be an actress. >> how did your father react when he realized you were serious about going into show business? >> he really didn't want me to do it. he had had a lot of rough years his beginning years. he just was afraid for me. he told me later, he said, i just didn't want to relive those first years with somebody that i loved. >> reporter: but she pressed on. landing small parts in shows like bonanza. >> i am not a commodity for international barter. >> reporter: where she played the role of a chinese persian mail order bride who clashes with hospital cartright. and then in 1966, she helped develop her own show about, what else? an aspiring actress. >> how woul
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